SCREW THE NORMAL LIFE!!! I'm going diving...

7 years on-air on national radio, 19 years of corporate bullshit, I've climbed the ladders always ONLY to find more stress, dissatisfaction and LESS time for what matters.

I packed up my bags in February 2009 with only 5 shirts and 4 pairs of shorts and became a PADI Instructor to live "THE SIMPLE LIFE".


Shoot the idea...

I've been shooting for some years now and have been sharing the discoveries throughout my developing years in photography.

I've worked with the simplest compact camera to the micro 4/3 systems up and to the full frame camera systems.

In each level of development, I learnt that above the importance of the camera, accessories, dive site, visibility, divemaster or critter, the mind-set and the thought process is key.
EQUIPMENT AND SETTINGS can only give you a is what clicks in your mind before the shutter that makes the difference.


Little Tommy's dad gave him a clay moulding set for his birthday and told him to make something beautiful that they could place in the living room.

A week later, Tommy came running to his dad looking very pleased. In his hand his masterpiece - a clay Statue of Liberty!

On his next birthday, his dad bought him a remote control car...

Equipment, accessories and settings are important but what would you have built in Tommy's place?


- Dumaguette (17 - 21 February 2016)
- Lembeh (2 - 11 July 2016)
- Pompom Island, Malaysia (1-5 Oct 2016)